1. my mom works at an elementary school and she really likes Domo so I carved her this dollar store pumpkin for her desk

  2. help

  3. chrome won’t let me minimize what does it want from me


  4. According to superstition, empty egg-shells should always be broken up — lest witches make boats thereof.



    my question is…. how would that be anything other than adorable?

    oh, hells ya- if you guys are drawing this, send me links.  I wanna see.

    get out of my sink


  5. *picks mic up after someone just dropped it*

    okay guess i’ll do my bit now

  6. sorry


  7. people from my high school graduating class are getting married. and starting lives together.

    my parents are going out of town next weekend and my dad made sure to remind me that no girls are allowed over under any circumstance.


  8. officialurie said: I really like ur alien comic I feel so happy whenever I see it good job

    hi thanks!  I don’t remember how I convinced myself that would be a funny thing to make, but I am glad I did.

  9. this is one of a few variations of a piece i did for a halloween show this coming first friday.

    happy october

  10. cravings

  11. 8/26/2014

  12. i’ve been making posters (in addition to other things) for the shows i’ve been playing.  i think they’re getting better each time.  the show this saturday doesn’t have a home anymore because the bar double-booked bands, so hopefully that gets fixed because that’s a pretty lame thing to do.

    related story: i visited a therapist a few times until she double-booked me and and this other person and i just left and all i could do is laugh about it. i never went back and since then i’ve just pushed my issues deep down instead of talking about them i guess

    i really like making posters and i wanna keep doing that and practicing so if you have a band and you’d like me to make a poster or a flyer for your band, you should message me.  that’d be pretty cool.

    quick note about Time Hitler and the Assholes from Space:  most offensive band name for what is really just the nicest group of dudes.  they’re all so friendly and not at all what you might expect. and they put on a hell of a show.

  14. woof